Way back in the city
   Where the city people smile
   Whenever they need a new pair of shoes
   They don't kill no crocodile
   When night time falls around them
   Stay in their hotels
   But out here, son, when the night time falls
   Nothin' to do but yell

* It's a jungle out there
   It's a jungle out there
   Ain't no way around it
   Least I never found it
   It's a jungle out there

   It's a Jungle out there

   One day Tarzan said to Jane
   As they were walkin' through the garden
   "One thing I must explain 
   "Before we go much farther
   "I know you'd like a bright new dress
   "And a bright new yellow lining
   "But every time you want one, darlin'
   "I gotta fight a lion."

   Well it's a jungle out there
   Better say a prayer
   'Cause even if they eat you
   And eventually they will
   It's a jungle out there
   It's a jungle out there

   Now the moral of this story's
   If you end up there, too
   Just think of all them sneaks 
   You might have snakin' up on you
   But on the other hand, dear Oblio
   You won't have to care
   'Cause no matter how long
   No matter how far 
   No matter how cold or fair 
   High or low, up or down
   It's still a jungle out there