Harry Nilsson was born in 1941 in Brooklyn, New York, and migrated with his family to California at the age of fifteen while working as a computer programmer for a bank, he began moonlighting as a singer/song-writer. After seven years with the bank, RCA offered him a recording contract. During his nine years with RCA he has received eleven Gold and Silver discs, countless BMI songwriter awards, three Strerio Review Record Producer Awards (including one for "The Point"), six Grammy nominations, two Grammy Awards for his Number One recordings of "Without You" and "Everybody's Talkin", the theme song from the film "Midnight Cowboy", and last year was awarded a silver disc for "The Point"


Harry Nilsson first conceived the original story of "The Point" in 1970. After successfully selling the idea to ABC Television in America, he then teamed up with Academy Award winning animator Fred Wolf to create the first feature- length animated film for television. "The Point" has been seen twice on BBC Television, the first time on New Year's Day 1972. The film also won the much-coveted Montreaux and Atlanta Film Festival Awards.
Nilsson the singer has recorded with vitually every top name in the music business. Nilsson the songwriter has had his songs recorded by artistes as diverse as John Lennon and George Burns.
"The Point" was first presented at the Mermaid last year. It ran very successfully for eleven weeks with Wayne Sleep as Oblio and Bernard Miles as The King and won the 'ABTT' 'Best Stage Design of The Year Award.'

The information above is from "The Point" program from the Mermaid Theatre ®1977