actor designer, mime artist and puppeteer, designed and made Arrow based on the original design of The Point cartoon. He trained at art school in costume and design, after which he studied mime for one year. He went straight into theatre at the age of sixteen and played at the Midlands Art Theatre and designed two productions there. He spend three years touring with major repertory companies and worked with The Caricature Theatre spending one year designing a mask and mime production. Televison includes a mime and dance film called Panache, various children's series for regional television and Me and My Bike for BBC2.


Born a Pointer at The Battersea Dogs Home. He trained for two weeks at the Royal Academy For Dramatic Dogs but unfortunately was thrown out for being too blue but luckily he found relief in Chekov's The Cheery Orchard in York.

Television work includes the swing door in Crossroads which was the turning point of his career.

Arrow's ambition is to climb the Post Office Tower dressed as The Toad of Toad Hall, but is at present quite content working in The Point and living with his family in Barking, Essex.

The information above is from "The Point"
 program from the Mermaid Theatre ®1977