For those who haven't been able to see it...

HGTV "Rock Gardens" 9 pm Sunday

Commerical clips:
Micky 45 degree angled face into camera, snipping clippers, with a creepy voice "I love to prune!"

Michelle Phillips: "When you think of a monkey in a garden, you might imagine a tropical jungle. Well the Monkee you're about to meet actually lives in a three-story hacienda. He's Micky Dolenz, one of the original members of the 1960s TV phenomenon 'The Monkees' and the lead singer on the first number one hit, "Last train to Clarksville", that song was followed by a string of hits including "I'm a Believer" and "I'm not Your Stepping Stone."
"Today, Micky continues to tour with the Monkees, but when he's not on the road, you can find him in his garden."

(cut to various views of Micky's garden, clips of his house on the hill, and his pool)

Nestled in the canyon of native vegetation, this Southern California hideaway is home to the Monkees drummer, Micky Dolenz.
(cut to Micky, in a chair, wearing yellow shirt)

Micky: "The last place I had was up in the hills and it was like living in a tree house and, a smaller place than this, but then I got engaged. Also wanted a little more land and I wanted a pool, and I kind of wanted to get out a little further from the hustle and bustle.
"We drove around looking at placed and you know, I just had in my minds-eye this kind of place."

MP: "Micky found his dream home, complete with a free form multi-level pool, intimate spaces for entertaining, and sweeping views of the Southern California Hills. For Micky, moving to the Spanish hacienda was something of a homecoming."

Micky: "I grew up in the valley here, I remember as a kid, there was still a lot of orchids and farmland around. And I remember wondering around and it was filled with orchids and apricots and peaches and oranges and I just had lunch- (Laughs) walking around. I've always loved having vegetables and fruits trees, and the first thing I did when I got to this house, before i finished unpacking was I planted half a dozen fruit trees. I don't have a lot of plant land here in this place, so it's kind of difficult, but I have managed to chisel into the clay and plant a few things."

MP: "The entrance leading up to Micky's front door is lined with pots of roses, lily's an eagle statue. Wait! Shouldn't that be a monkey?
The pool was one of the major selling points to the home, with it's authentic Spanish titles and the calming sound of it's waterfall."
(Micky & Donna staring at the pool: Charming actually...')

MP: On hot summer days Micky and Donna welcome friends & family to chill out and take a dip. It's not just Micky and pals who play around at the pool an unwanted guests has been caught taking a dip.

Micky: My fiancee Donna is terrified of spiders and (laughing) I'm.. I was on tour a couple weeks ago, I'm backstage at a show at a concert, had my cell phone, I'm backstage and I'm just about ready to go on, and the cell phone rings and it's Donna and she's going:
(In mock chick voice) "'Oh! There's a tarantulas in the pool!'"
"I'm going -'Well just take it out with the..'"
"I can't touch it! I can't get it-"
And in the background I'm hearing the band going "derderder..der.." "honey I gotta go on.."
"Here he is.. MICKY DOLENZ of the Monkees!" and I'm going "Donna, take the thing and get it out of the pool!"
and "DA- DUM.. HERE we come... walk-" "I gotta go..!"
"No i can't! I can't touch it!"
(Laughing) it was funny.

MP: "Hey, hey he's a Monkee and he likes to monkee around, in his garden. And Micky is more than happy to share a few hands on tips."

Micky: (Planting a petunia) "Gotta plant a little petunia. Just dig a little hole... in the ground... and stick the sucker in there (laughs) that's about it. (He pulls out another flower) and these are annuals.. a little splash of color around...there we go! (Pats the dirt in) and the most important thing of all (Picks up the green pad) is the kneepads (L)

Micky: "I don't have a gardener, I have a guy that does maintenance, he comes, and I will. I love pruning and my children actually tease me about it, cause I will be out in the middle of nowhere, taking a walk and I'll have a little Swiss army knife and I'll will start pruning the trees in the park. "
(cut to Micky pruning)

Micky: "I've done all the planting and um i plan to do a lot more. .. Gotta a couple of dead heading over here to do, (snip) cut off the little dead heads and throw them away (toss) goodbye deadhead (snip) cut this one back about there... (snip) out with the old in with the new.

MP : "With his passion for plants...a large vegetable garden has long been on Micky's wish list. But for now, he's restricted to a planter box."

Micky: "Well this is about the extent of my vegetate garden because i don't have enough flat land, to actually plant a whole kind of farm which I probably would if I, if I did have the land, but I did get these tomato plants, and each one is a different variety and (cut to one of Micky's tomatos) I actually got a pretty nice little tomato already growing there. I'll probably have a nice salad eventually one of these days."

MP: Micky and Donna take full advantage of their outdoor living space, wether they're relaxing under the shade of the weeping willow or taking their moment to water their potted bougainvillea.

Micky and Donna are standing next to each other.
Micky: (just cut a flower)"Now who can I give that to?"
Donna: Puts hands on her hips. "..How-"
Micky: "how about you?"
Donna: "me?" (Laughs)

Moments later, they sit down at the bench, which is across from the Eagle statue.
Micky: "There's our big Eagle, scare - scare away all the evil demons."
Donna: and tarantulas
Micky: and tarantulas (laughs)

Micky: "I cant imagine why i would move from here, unless I decided to move out of state or out of the country or something. I can't imagine, it's just ya know, ideal, it's wonderful, it's private, it's quiet. It's everything. No it's lovely, we're very happy here.

MP: "And for the rocker who's greatest hits that include "I'm not your stepping stone"... what garden would be complete without guessed it.."

Micky: (On stepping stones) And these are my very own....... stepping stones! Get it? stepping stones? (laughs) who writes this stuff??

end. ^^;